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  • Christmas Ale - varies every year, usually spiced ale or lager

  • Harmony Wheat - cloudy, gold, medium body, smooth - 4.5% American wheat

  • Highlander Ale - dark amber, full body, sweet maltiness, strong - 6.5% - Scottish ale

  • Hop Rocket - amber, medium body, citrusy American hoppiness - 4.7% - American amber

  • Imperial Stout - black, full body dark and complex, strong - 8.9%

  • Kölsch - gold, light to medium body, fruity, dry finish – 4%

  • Maibock - dark gold, medium to full body, slight hop finish, strong - 7.3%

  • Nut Brown Ale - brown, medium body, nutty with fresh spruce - 5.8% - American brown ale

  • Oktoberfest - medium body, malty, clean finish - 5.4% - Marzen lager

  • Pumpkin Ale - light amber, medium body, pumpkin pie flavor - 5.2% - spiced ale

  • Soleil - amber, full body, summer ale brewed with orange peel and Mexican candy - 5.4% - summer ale

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Our house brews are always available at Hereford & Hops Steakhouse and Brewpub. We also take pride in offering a number of seasonal specialty beers throughout the year. All our beers are produced using time-honored traditions using the finest quality ingredients.

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At Hereford & Hops Steakhouse and Brewpub, our aim is for you to always enjoy your time dining in our relaxed atmosphere.


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Blackbird Stout - black, full body, roasted malt and chocolate notes - 5.4% oatmeal stout.


Cleary Red - amber, medium body, caramel malt notes, balanced - 4.2% - irish style red ale.


Redemption IPA - copper, full body, high hop bitterness, grapefruit notes - 7.5% - india Pale Ale


Whitetail Ale - gold, medium body, well balanced with a crisp hop finish - 4.5% - golden ale